Reunion Committee

I, personally would like to Welcome to you all the Reunion Committee. Without these gals assistance this reunion would not be possible. This is like a full time job for awhile, but we are getting things accomplished and set up for a great reunion. I, also, want to thank each and everyone of you for everything that you have done so far and continue to do for your fellow classmates to see that a good time will be had by all. 


Wanda Warner Fultz - Chairperson; Hotel Selection Committe; Reunion Website Committee; Setup/Cleanup Committee; Welcoming Committee; Communications Committee; Catering Committee; Design Committee; Invitation Prep Committee; Advertising Committee; ROC Committee

Tracy Beckwith Burns - Co-Chairperson; Reunion Website; Donation Committee; Setup/Cleanup Committee; Welcoming Committee; Communications Committee; Decoration Committee; Invitation Prep Committee; Advertising Committee; ROC Committee

Andy Montgomery - Finance Committe

Paula Austin - Fundraising Committee; Invitation Prep Committee; ROC Committee

Stephanie Price White - Donation Committee; ROC Committee

Kris Denham Teter - Fundraising Committee; ROC Committee

Shannon McKenzie Martinez - Fundraising Committee; ROC Committee

Sandy Rhodes Giacobe - ROC Committee

Christy Triplett - ROC Committee